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Adapting to the Loss of a Loved One: Three Tips on how to Cope by Wendy Bridger
Have you ever sat down and played a piano where one of the keys wasn’t working? Or made cookies and left out an ingredient? Perhaps you’ve started listening to a favorite CD, and just when it gets to your favorite part of your favorite song, you realize that there is a scratch in it. In some ways, loosing a loved one is similar. Here you are going easily through life, and then, BAM, they are gone and life will never be the same.

What is an Appropriate Sympathy Gift? by Sharae Taylor
When a friend or loved one is grieving, it is hard to know what to say or how to show your support. When you want to provide comfort and support and show your concern for a family member, a friend, or an associate, a personalized gift is always an ideal choice. The best gifts are those given and chosen from the heart. It says that you really care and have taken the time to think about the time after the initial grief of losing a loved one ... during the alone and lonely times.

Is Death Really the End or the Window to A New Beginning? by Laurie Hayes
Do we really die? Does life really end? Perhaps there is an alternative explanation as to why we leave this earth and why we showed up here in the first place.

Are We All Losers? Understanding Grief by Saundra L. Washington
The well-known pioneer researcher Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identified five states through which the dying patient goes. It is also true that the recently bereaved and the about to be bereaved evidence the same stages.

Coping with Grief - It's Called Living Through It by Gail H. Stone
Grief touches us all at some point in life. Here are three healing practices that will help ease the pain.

Coping With A Funeral by Sharon Jacobsen
When the death of a loved one occurs, regardless or whether it was expected or not, you will find yourself having to deal with a great number of people. Some you will know closely, others may be complete strangers; all will be claiming some kind of relationship to the deceased.

Living Through Loss by Margot B
Usually words can't comfort the grieving. Just being there in silence or listening is comforting. Nothing can change what has happened but being with the bereaved is the best we can do.

How Do We Grieve? By Maureen Kramlinger
Sometimes people trying to adjust to a loss find themselves feeling pressured by others who think they know best. "You should do this... you shouldn't do that." If you've ever experienced this you may have felt like saying, "How do you know what I need?" It's a tough spot to be in. We don't want to run off those who care about us-but we don't want them running our lives either.

Self Care for the Bereaved By Maureen Kramlinger
Tips for taking care of yourself while grieving.

Thoughts About Grief By Maureen Kramlinger
With the death of someone central to our lives—a parent, a spouse, a child, a sibling, a friend—we find ourselves in new territory. We may not like it at all. We may feel as if we don’t even know who we are any more. We may wonder if we’ll ever be happy again, if life will ever again feel full and rich.

What Should I Expect as I Grieve? By Sonya Trueblood
Most of us are unprepared for the enormous grief response we may have to a major loss. Sometimes our expectations are unrealistic. More often than not, we receive insufficient assistance from society and even from our friends and family.

Online Monument – An Ever-lasting Tribute to Your Departed Loved Ones by Rick Valens
In the traditional way, a monument erected in the burial ground would be the most appropriate way to pay tribute to the departed. However beside so, there are actually also lots of other truthful and meaningful way to remembering our loved ones. Ever thought of an online monument? A virtual monument specially erected in memory of your loved ones?

Tenderizing by Andrea Gambill
Living through the pain of grief can produce a more tender heart and deeper convictions about love and compassion.

The Walking Wounded by Andrea Gambill
Supporting the grieving can be uncomfortable, but compassion is a two-way street.

The Look of Grief by Andrea Gambill
Learning to look past the superficial and obvious to discover the beauty that may be hidden in depth of character and quality.

Sympathy Messages by Tenley McDonald
Find the right words when sending a message of Sympathy.

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