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Guilty, Your Honor: The Burden of Guilt After a Suicide by Karyl Chastain Beal
Guilty, Your Honor, I whisper. Have you ever done anything so horrible that you would prefer to hide in a dark closet for the rest of your life than have someone find out you did it? Have you ever done something so bad that even remembering what you did causes you to hyperventilate and shake? I have.

Signs After Suicide: The Red Butterfly by Karyl Chastain Beal
Do you believe that those we love can send us signs from the spirit world to let us know they are okay? Is it possible? Below is an account I wrote on August 7, 2000, about something that happened to me as I remembered the day my daughter took her life.

How to Deal with Suicide and Euthenasia by Corbin Wright
This in reality is a continuation of the pamphlet on "How to Deal with Suffering", but this deals with two specifics under Suffering. How do you deal with Suicide and Euthenasia, which cause a great deal of Suffering in a person's life.

Handicapped From Suicide by Lindsay Blades
This is my true story of how I was handicapped by suicide.

Suicide - An Eternal Pain by Amanda Evans
Suicide affects people all over the world. This poem depicts the loss and grief suffered after a death caused by suicide.

Teen Suicide by Jason Liptow
Suicide among teenagers is becoming a growing trend as well. The third leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 15 to 24 is suicide, second only to homicide and car accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Someone I Love Died By Suicide by Doreen Cammarata
This month marks the "National Suicide Survivor Day". November 17, 2001 is set aside to recognize all those who have endured the grief surrounding the suicide of a loved one. I would like to dedicate my first column to my mom. November 14th was her birthday and she died by suicide 15 years ago.

Suicide in the Church by Michael Tummillo
In this article, Pastor Micheal enlightens the Christian reader regarding suicide among Christians and debunks some beliefs commonly held among Christian believers. This suicide series was printed in Pastor Michael's hometown newspaper and was well received by readers as well as those who subscribe to his weekly eMail broadcasts.

After Suicide: Returning to Life, Thanks to an Owl by Karyl Chastain Beal
Have you ever lost the ability to laugh? I did. When Arlyn died, I knew I would never laugh again. How could I really laugh, when I felt so empty? How could I let lose and laugh out loud, when I hurt so much?

Suicide Survivor by T.L. McMullen
Suicide is an awful thing for a surviving loved one to understand and cope with. Drastic deaths and events can uproot even the best of families. Is it possible to accept and move forward with your life?

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